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Einfache Makramé Blumenampel aus Jerseygarn DIY | nähmarie

Do it yourself!

Anleitung für eine einfache Markamé-Blumenampel aus selbstgemachtem Jerseygarn. Perfekt für Balkon, Terasse oder Zimmerdecke! (DIY; Tutorial, Urban Jungle)

Wedding Favors Ideas You Want To Know

Sending guests home with a little something to remember the night by is a classy touch to any wedding. And they don’t have to be extravagant gifts to make a nice impression.

Do you buy or do you make?

When it comes to the list of things to do for a wedding, you may already be feeling overwhelmed. So why make another chore for yourself with homemade wedding favors? Favors can be easily bought from local craft stores—all you have to do is make them personalized, or don’t.

Of course, homemade wedding do feel more special. Sachets and small tokens are simple to create in an afternoon. You may even decide to enlist the help of the wedding party. A little food and win will get them to help.
The usual suspects

If you’ve ever been to another wedding, you may have already seen these suggestions for wedding favors.

Small bags of candies or nuts are always nice to place next to each person’s placeholder. On the same vein, small boxes of chocolate with a nice ribbon or card indicating the wedding date are nice favors too.

Many brides and grooms have chosen to give personalized wedding favors. Match books, candles with holders, champagne glasses, and even CDs can be inscribed with the couple’s name and wedding date as a way to commemorate the day.

If you want to be unique

For the non-traditional bride and groom, you may want to give a little something different. If you have a themed wedding, you can try to give a gift that incorporates that theme. A Vegas wedding might necessitate giving decks of cards or poker chips.

If you’re having a more renaissance style affair, then you can give small sachets of herbs or flowers (such as lavender). And for an outdoor wedding, small bells might be a great gift to give.

The altruistic couple may want to make personal donations in the name of their guests. These can be designated on small cards at each person’s seat. Or the couple may decide to offer each guest a picture from the wedding that they can choose from the ones that have been taken.

In any case, wedding favors are a great way to commemorate a special day for both the couple and their guests. Thank your relatives and friends for supporting you and loving you enough to be with you on this happiest of days.

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